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What all stuff can I review here?

Absolutely anything cool, trending globally - that you think nobody should miss!

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What's the format?

We follow a strict 4-points-reviews policy. To keep it crisp.
We recommend the 1st point to talk "about" it & 4th about the pricing/offers. Rest, up to you.

Another requirement is to keep a "positive" tone. We may or may not like a product/service, sure. But NO whining in the review. Remember, we only feature COOL stuff here!

Are these paid reviews?

No, we are not paid to do these reviews. We only feature cool trending stuff & would like our readers to know about it. But yes, even if you're affiliated with any company, as long as your review follow our guidelines, feel free to submit 🙂

Will my review be published for sure?

That's what we'd like to do. And we will for sure publish your review as long as they meet our guidelines.

How long does it take to publish my review?

Depending upon the queued up reviews, it may take anywhere between 1-3 weeks to publish your review. We notify you personally when we publish your review

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